About Us


• Oil and Gas Industry since 1983

• Various positions including pipe inspector to rough neck

• 1992 changed professions to oilfield mechanic

• Employed in this position for 14 years

FFS Incorporated 2003

• Mechanical Skills. Millwright, Start Up, Created Preventive Maintenance Program

  for gas plant equipment which resulted in longer run times.

• Fully Insured

Since opening in 2003, Fox Field Services L.L.C. has operated with the deliberate intention of being the finest and most reputable gas plant maintenance contractor in the greater Casper region. We are fiercely proud of what we do, even more so being an independent business. Clients can tell how we value their business, as we make it a point to get to know a little about them or their business. For us, it's about building lasting relationships.

We continually expand our professional knowledge in the areas of office, field work services, parts and equipment to provide a wide range of services that are:  Cost effective, completed in a timely manner, with an immediate response time.